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Dreams of the Dead by Thomas Randall

I loved this book!  
Summary:      Kara’s mother has just died and her father takes a post in Japan as an English teacher. She is fluent enough in Japanese, that the language is not much of a barrier, but the understandings of their local legends becomes one. Upon arriving to her new school Kara discovers a girl has been murdered, and nobody has been captured. She is referred to as “Bonsai‘- Loosely translated as being cut away and moved from her home, no roots to grow on.  And not making a lot of new friends, but there are some that find that she belongs and she begins to settle in. There are still some taunting and rudeness from the other kids, and then the bad dreams come. And she is not the only one experiencing them. Then students begin to die. Is there a killer loose at the Monju-no-chie School and will the nightmares stop?

My Opinion:    I thought every time I had to set it down “what is going to happen next?” I was very happy to find there were no slow parts in the story, it…