Breathe My Name by R.A. Nelson

Breathe My Name      Summary from Book: Since her adoption, Seventeen-year-old Frances has lived a quiet suburban life, but soon after she begins falling for the new boy at school, she receives a summons from her birth mother, who has just been released after serving eleven years for smothering Frances' younger sisters. "I need to see you. Please come right away. We have to finish."
Frances Robinson can try to forget her birth mother, she can even try to forgive her. But she can never escape their past.

By simple luck Frances was saved that day from being suffocated by her mother. She is now almost an adult, very insecure and soft-spoken. Her adoptive parents are awesome and her new boyfriend is quirky.It's obvious she's attracted to him for his ability to connect with people. She soon finds out that his brother is autistic and his home-life requires this special attention to people others just don't understand. So this makes him kind of a weirdo to others in the school. But Frances feels an instant connection. She seems to only have one best friend who is very outgoing and encourages Frances to explore life more.

I really enjoyed this story. Enough intrigue and development it kept the story rolling. Anticipation building throughout the book as she gets closer to finding out all the answers about her past, and what it really is her mother is trying to finish. Developing the story into Frances' nervous behavior, her unwilling to trust most people and slowly learning the answers to her past and how they can help her form a better future.


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