I like a good challenge! (aka Hello 2016)

It's that time of year again where I have spent the last couple weeks making lists, checking out reading challenges and trying to figure out what I want to focus on in the next year. I expect a lot of changes in my schedule and life in general next year. But that is not stopping me from keeping my reading goals!

Here are a few of the challenges I found online that I want to participate in. Some of the book on the list overlap (so one book can count for more than one topic/checklist) My main challenge this year is that I want to pick up the books from the category from the books I already own.

1. I want to participate more on Youtube, book buddies, read-a-longs and marathons.
2. Popsugar's reading challenge list for 2016
3. Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge
4. Continue with my ongoing challenges of reading the 1001 books to read in a lifetime, and some of the Rory Gilmore book list.
1001 Books  http://www.listology.com/ukaunz/list/1001-books-you-must-read-you-die
Rory Gilmore  http://www.listchallenges.com/rory-gilmore-reading-challenge

Yes I admit I always set my goals high. I find it easier to get through rough times in my life if I can have other things to focus on to get me through. So this year I read 77 or so books and next year I am aiming for 100.   I don't count books I read for my internship into my total count mostly because I cannot track those on Goodreads like I do the others.

I am very excited to tackle some of the classic big books. The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment and a re-read of The Count of Monte Cristo are also on my list for 2016!

 I know that everybody does not set challenges or goals for themselves, but I do hope that this next year brings you some great reads throughout the year.

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  1. Though I'm not participating officially, Book Riot's challenge definitely has some good ideas I'll be incorporating into my reading this year. Thanks for the link and best of luck with your challenges!

  2. That's a great idea Melanie! It doesn't make it too stressful to get the whole list done, but still keeps some great options to look forward to reading this year.


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