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If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Mia and her family have a car accident on a snow day while going to visit some friends. She is the only survivor of the crash, and she's in bad shape, if she makes it. If I stay is her thoughts while in limbo of whether she should stay for her extended family and friends or if she should choose to die with her family.
         While this story was thought provoking and gives you as a reader insight on your daily life. It really concentrated on Mia's family's  love for music. Her father used to be in a band, She has just had an interview with Julliard and her boyfriend is in a up and coming rock band. And they all have music in common. I felt that this story kinda fell short in places, but can be a good read for those whom during this Holiday season would like a good reminder of how much your family and friends mean to you, and what you mean to them.
         This book is Young Adult that can be enjoyed by all ages.