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Time Weaver by Thomas A Knight

The Time Weaver by Thomas A. Knight
It started with a car accident.

What should have killed thirty-year-old Seth Alkirk, instead causes time to stop. He didn't know what was happening as he took in the frozen world around him. He didn't know why he was the only one who could move, or breathe, or see what was going on. But when a rift opened in the middle of the intersection, and a vicious twelve-foot-tall creature stepped through into his world, Seth did know one thing for certain...

He had to run. Or die.

Enter a parallel world where magic exists. Discover a kingdom in danger of being overrun by a massive army. And follow Seth as he discovers he is more than a human – he is a Time Weaver who can change the balance of the coming war, if only he can learn to control his powers in time (summary and cover from

This story was so much fun to read. Very entertaining and great unexpected twists.
I thought the mixture of characters and personalities was fun and brough…