Wicked Hungry by Teddy Jacobs

Stanley Hoff has it hard. His overprotective mom thinks she's a witch who can see people's auras; Stanley himself is getting hairier by the minute, his teeth ache, and the moon above him makes him want to howl and growl.

But things are not going to get any easier.

After a confrontation with a high school bully brings unwanted fame, Stanley's childhood crush Meredith invites him to her Halloween party. Which would be more than fine, except his friend Karen has broken up with her boyfriend and wants to be more than friends. But when Karen turns allergic to sunlight, Stanley has to ask himself, is Karen interested in Stanley as a boyfriend, or as... food?

And Stanley himself? He's WICKED HUNGRY. And not for anything he can eat in his vegetarian home.

As a growing supernatural threat menaces his suburban New England community, as more and more of his friends turn into shifters, as the stakes get higher and higher, Stanley must decide who will he choose to love, and, even, as much as it's going to hurt... who will survive

This story was a harder one for me to rate. I enjoyed the fact that there were a mixture of different characters as well as supernatural beings. I enjoyed the story but I still feel like I didn't get to know each character as well as I would have liked to. I think that it's the first book that I have read in awhile that didn't have any angst, mushy romance or really over emotional scenes at all. It's a pretty straight forward storyline. With a mystery at it's heart. What is going on in this town?
There were several different beings from faeries, werewolves, witches, zombies, ghouls ect. There are a lot of teenagers in this town starting to turn recently and as each human is different, they all turn into different things. I felt that too much focus was put on aspect of the story that normally authors would gloss over, like in the beginning chapters and his focus on the hamburger, his desire to eat meat. Instead of just being mentioned, it went on for a couple of pages. But not quiet enough time spent on getting the reader to attach emotionally to the character and rooting for him. Which is why I would categorize this more into a light fun read category. Even though there is the formation of a love triangle, all the emotions we would get from a female main character in this same position are completely different than what we get here with a more straight forward mans approach to liking 2 girls at once, more confusion that angst.
I liked that there were a lot of creatures in the town, it gives the story a lot of directions that it can go. There is humor and good dialogue. I would say that I lean more towards 3 stars than 4, it has a unique storyline and open enough in the end to go into another book. Now that we are introduced to the characters and the world a book 2 could really good.

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