At Season's End By Eric Hendershot.

Even the river didn't stop Paw. Clothes and all, he jumped into the whirlin', swirlin’ waters of the great Columbia.

At this Maw let out a scream. Mebby she thought Paw was goin’ to end it all. Then Tim yelled, “Oh, no, Paw!” But I was too surprised and scared to say anythin’.

I suppose it was just a second or two, but it seemed like minutes before he came up again to show us he had two heads and four arms. Then the mighty water turned him over to prove he had four legs. That was when we realized Paw was holdin’ on for dear life to a young drownin’ boy.

Hit hard by the Great Depression, Sal’s family loads up an old Buick and heads out to find work wherever they can. Driving from place to place, living off the little they can make, they soon realize they’ll never be able to afford to settle down again.

Then, when tragedy strikes, Sal and her brother must learn to fend for themselves. In a world of harsh realities, there’s no room left for romance. But that can’t stop Sal from dreaming of a life with Ben—a boy from another migrant family—even though she knows she may never see him again.

This heartwarming story about growing up in a troubled time is sure to resonate with modern readers of all ages

As I was reading this story I found my mind thinking about Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. It touched on some of the similar ideas that were presented in it and I couldn't help but compare them in that way.
This story is about a family during the great depression that must travel to find work to feed themselves. They are constantly on the move looking for farm work that all of the family members can participate and help bring in the money they will need to survive for the rest of the year. This also means that they are in constant movement following the seasons to find the jobs on the farms where their help is needed and they can get good pay.
It's a short novel, but contains a story in which a very tight nit family has no choice but to work together. Each person must do hard labor to bring in every cent that they can to pay for travel and food to get them to the next job. The Great Depression was a very hard time in American History, and this is a inspiring story about one of those families and the people that they meet during their travels.
They have to endure several trials of their own, a story of love, loss and hard work.

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