Bound by Annie Oldham

After her mother dies, Elowyn Challis would do anything to bury the pain, but being shipped off to boarding school isn't what she had in mind. Things could be worse. Wyn finds a place for herself in the academy and living in the capital is just sparkling. But under it all, her mother's death still haunts her. Then Wyn discovers a secret that changes everything she believes: the bedtime stories her mother told her as a child are real, the faerie realm exists, and she is the Binder—the one mortal on earth with the power to seal the gate to Fae. It's a power Wyn's not sure she wants or can even wield. But she must confront her nightmares and her grief, or two worlds will be torn apart (info from

It starts out with a very mysterious tone to the story. Wyn starts noticing things around campus and making friends, getting to know the place. Her heartache over the loss of her mother does stick with her throughout the story and you really feel for her.
I think the thing that appealed to me most about this story (and it's the small things that matter) was the fact that the boarding school that Wyn goes to sounds amazing. It's was the royalties old home and located close to the Palace. I could just imagine the beautiful architecture and picturesque views throughout the story as I read. The writing had a great way of pulling you into the world and being able to imagine the setting and the people's eyes (they had glowing eyes) was so smoothly done that I was able to lose myself into this world very easily.
I found the story enjoyable, Wyn is a great main character. We get to see some strength and weaknesses in her. Also there is a great cast of other characters.
It's a fun, clean read that I enjoyed spending some time with.

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