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Blast from My Past: Alane Ferguson

It's been awhile since I did an oldies but goodies post and recently I got thinking of what got me into the Young Adult genre and realizing that I never stopped reading it. One of my absolute favorite books from my past was:
this is a little more dated cover than the one I had, but I am going to fangirl for a minute on Alane Ferguson. I got to meet her when this book had recently either come out or had just been reprinted with the new cover, but it was hardback and she came to my class (sold several copies) and signed them. Technically she was my very first book signing. I was very lucky to have a teacher that supported authors and a school that allowed them to come into the classroom to talk about and sign their books. I can remember that during this particular school year I got to meet 3 different authors and it obviously had an effect on me to remember those days vividly even today. (And one of those signed books was none other than Alane's mother who was also a writer Glori…