The Cellar by A.J. Whitten

Ok quite possibly the best Zombie book I have picked up
From Goodreads: 
Meredith Willis is suspicious of Adrien, the new guy next door. When she dares to sneak a look into the windows of his house, she sees something in the cellar that makes her believe that Adrien might be more than just a creep—he may be an actual monster.
But her sister, Heather, doesn’t share Meredith’s repulsion. Heather believes Adrien is the only guy who really understands her. In fact, she may be falling in love with him. When Adrien and Heather are cast as the leads in the school production of Romeo and Juliet, to Heather, it feels like fate. To Meredith, it feels like a bad omen. But if she tries to tear the couple apart, she could end up in the last place she’d ever want to be: the cellar. Can Meredith convince her sister that she’s dating the living dead before it’s too late for both of them?

Ok. So Weird boy moves in next door. Sister falls in love with him. Seeing a Dead body hanging in the neighbors basement: being eaten by neighbor and his mother...."brains are the best"... All the girls are acting weird at school. Something is def. going on!

This book not only had an incredibly smart Zombie (which is unusual because they are always brain-dead flesh eaters), but also a love story. (*ahhh* right?)

It really is...who would have thought that a zombie would make a swoon worthy boyfriend?
This is THE FIRST book I have ever read that I immediately re-read. I seriously read this book through 2 times in one week! I fell in love with Adrien...and kinda wanted Meredith (the main character) to leave him alone, because of his awesome swoonworthy-ness. There is a lot of action and romance in this book, but guess what...they never even kiss! This is the type of romance zombie story that will fill your hearts with affection and infections...ha ha.  I would def. recommend this one L.O.V.E.D it!

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