A Series of Unfortunate Events #1 The Bad Beginning



Description from Goodreads.com http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/78411.The_Bad_Beginning

I'm sorry to say that the book you are holding in your hands is extremely unpleasant. It tells an unhappy tale about three very unlucky children. Even though they are charming and clever, the Baudelaire siblings lead lives filled with misery and woe. From the very first page of this book when the children are at the beach and receive terrible news, continuing on through the entire story, disaster lurks at their heels. One might say they are magnets for misfortune.

In this short book alone, the three youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune, and cold porridge for breakfast.
It is my sad duty to write down these unpleasant tales, but there is nothing stopping you from putting this book down at once and reading something happy, if you prefer that sort of thing

Yes I just barely decided to pick this series up. I LOVED the movie and literally watch it at least once a month to this day. I for some uknown reason believed that the movie was based on the first book and they would make a series of movies to go along with the books, since it's a very long series. But I soon found out for myself that no, the awesome movie is based off of several of the books and this first book only has some of the events happen.
The thing that did finally get me to get this copy (it is the audiobook I purchased from Audible.com) that Tim Curry does the narration. It was only 2 hours and had the production feel with music, background noises and other characters voices like an old radio show.
Amazingly enjoyable production and if you have not checked out some of the great things they are doing with some of the audiobooks these days I really recommend you give this a try, it also makes a really good bedtime story for the kids without having to sit and read to them, just plug it in and off to sleep!

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