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The Hunger Games

I know that I am probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon of adventure called the Hunger Games, but at least I did not have that terrible pain of waiting for the next book to be released. I finally picked up these books when Mockingjay was released, and seriously read all three in a week. I know I was going to stick to scary reads this month for the celebration of Halloween, but in my opinion, these books fit in just fine. Children killing children, the Capitol acting like crazy wealthy extremists, and not to mention all the war. 
    My Opinion: These books are worth the read, if you are into the fantasy/sci-fi /war books. It gets heavy in places, especially at the very end. I have heard reviewers complain about the slow paced action of the last book because the first two have so much, but my opinion is that it didn't phase me. I felt that after all everybody had gone through, and the constant warnings the author gives of how places end up desolate after heavy fighting,…