Sweet and Deadly By Charlaine Harris

This story takes place in a small town, everybody knows each other and thought they knew each others secrets as well. But soon we start to see there is a darker side to some of the townspeople and more than one, are in on the secret.
        I think that if you have started off reading Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, anytime you pick up another of her's outside the series, you may find it boring and not living up to her hype as a writer. She has spoiled us with the entertaining adventures of Sookie and I think we all expect that kind of activity in her other books, but I have found that her other novels are diverse and sometimes subtle. I just read a review on the above book "Sweet and Deadly' on audible.com where she states, "I turned it off after the first hour..I found it boring." To a point I agree with this statement, the first couple of hours are boring, even though the dead body is found and the investigation begins. I found that the real story did not get started until little halfway past the middle, and then I really needed to finish it. I thought it was worth my time to read, it was a fast read and I did find it entertaining.
         My Opinion: She has left out sexual content and just enough detail with the murders that you get the point (not too graphic). It is a slow paced book, the main character takes her time in the discovery process and there is a lot of question asking and detective work. But when the puzzle pieces start falling into place, (which is past halfway in the book) it's an entertaining read.
       So if you are interested in Charlaine Harris' work but the Sookie Stackhouse series are not your type of reading. You may want to give this one a try for a "softer" kind of mystery book. But if your looking for a fast paced action packed read, you won't find it here. This is the type of novel they would make a Women's Network tv show out of (if it were a true story). I have ranked it a 3 star in my book.

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