AudioBook: Fallen by Lauren Kate

I have heard a lot of hype about this series, Torment has just been released, and I had to get to reading already. So I decided to pick up the audio book so I can listen in the car. I think that it was a big mistake. There were so many times that I wanted to push stop and listen to music instead because I felt the narrator talked really slow. I listened to other people's reviews on this book, and heard that like me a lot of them thought that the beginning of the story dragged on too long and did not get good until the end. The audio book makes the beginning (first 250) pages of this book feel like an eternity. I wanted to write a really bad review on this book, but realized that I should specify that it was just the audio book that I wanted to give two stars to, Not the actual book, because I feel that if I had picked up a physical copy I would have enjoyed it more, even the slow beginning.
The narrator in my opinion put too much inflection on the romance scenes, so much so I wanted to gag it was so Harlequin romance-like. I am always up for a little romance, but when it sounds so trashy in what should be a somewhat ethereal (aka spiritual or heavenly) novel concept, it really threw me off the whole subject of what the book is trying to portray.
I have decided that I cannot let my decision between audio vs physical book deter me from picking up torment. But I hope now that the story has started, there will not be another 200 pages of back story and filler information, I will understand for now that the first book needed all the extra back story to fully get the reader into the story. But I have always suggested to my fellow readers/bloggers give a book 30-50 pages before giving up on it. I did not follow my own advice with this book, because all the reviews I had seen said it doesn't get good until the end, which is very very true with this book. I hope the next book is better, and I will definitely be picking up a physical copy this time. If you are interested in audio clips of the parts I did not like in this novel please visit my Vlog Site on  YouTube .

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