Book Review: Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

                                                                     I Love Cate Tiernan!
                 I have read all of Cate’s Young adult works and she has yet to disappoint. This month in the book world it’s been all about “vampires v. werewolves” but my vote has always been for magic!!!!!
                Although Immortal Beloved is not technically about witches, it does have magic in it. You can really tell that Cate knows what she’s talking about when it comes to magical things. I know Cate has written books under another name, but I have yet to read those. What I do know is that if you see this name on a novel, you will not be sorry.  I had an obsession with the Sweep Series, stayed up very late at night to finish books, I even had to travel to three different stores to get the whole series and you can bet every time I walk into a book store I’m going to look for her name in the Young Adult section to see if there is anything new. And I am on pins and needles to see what happens next in this series, and I hope it’s a long one. I loved that Sweep was 14 books, and I’m still sad it ended. Balefire series has only 4 books published, but this one I hope lasts forever!
   Book Overview: Nastasya looks like she’s 17, but she’s over 450 years old, she is immortal and has powers, as all immortal’s do. But she has spent most of her years partying, drinking and spending money. One night she witnesses some dark magic, from her best friend, and she’s scared. She goes to the only place she can think of to hide, and River takes her under her wing to help her learn to use her powers, and help her realize what it means to be immortal. Nastasya is scared, spoiled and learns that somebody is out to harm her. Is she safe? Can she trust those around her? Does she have the power for good  magic or bad?……come and see!

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