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Book Review: The Good Children by Kate Wilhelm

Book Review: The Good Children By Kate Wilhelm
My Summary: The McNair family finally decides it's time to settle down and buy a house. But soon after their father dies in a construction accident and the mother becomes so upset she takes it out on the community and her children. Shutting everybody out of their lives and secretly blaming the town for not protecting her husband on the job. Soon the situation gets worse when another disaster hits and the children find themselves alone and trying to hide a secret from everybody. When the town tries to reach out they are secretive and secluded. The older brother and sister of Liz, who tells the story from her point of view, fight over who makes the decisions in the house and BIG decisions must be made. But their mother had a lot distrust of anybody in the community and the children decide to take on all their problems themselves. As they grow, the older siblings develop into their own people and want to go their own way, but what does t…