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Author Interview: Margaret Peot & GIVEAWAY!


Today I had the pleasure of asking Margaret Peot about her book : Who was your major influence with your love for inkblots, your parents or a teacher?

My mother saved the inkblot book I made when I was five years old, and presented it to me when I told her that I was writing an inkblot book. Then, in high school, my art teacher, Ardis Macaulay, showed me how to draw into inkblots. I have made inkblots since then—for thirty years—for inspiration, for comfort, for meditation, to generate artwork and ideas for artwork. My paintings and woodcuts include a lot of creatures, and sometimes they are derived from a creature that appeared at first in an inkblot. Later, when I started to write more, I used inkblots as a springboard for writing—to describe what I saw in an inkblot, what kind of creatures, if they were interacting, what they might say to one another.

Age 5

Who is your intended audience for this book, kids, parents, teachers?

The best combination of students I ever had in an in…