Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting the Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald

   Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick  Here's another go at the chicklit challenge hosted by    and FYI I would 100% recommend this book to her, Samantha this book seems right up your alley and I think you should pick it up!

The iconic Molly Ringwald shares intimate stories and candid advice in this fun, stylish, and sexy girlfriend's guide to life

To her millions of fans, Molly Ringwald will forever be sixteen. As the endearing and witty star of the beloved John Hughes classics Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, Molly defined teenage angst, love, and heartbreak. While remembered eternally as the enviable high school princess Claire, or the shy, vulnerable Samantha, Molly has just celebrated her fortieth birthday. Facing a completely new, angst-inducing time in her life, she is embracing being a woman, wife, mother of three, actress, and best friend with her trademark style, candor, and humor.
In Getting the Pretty Back, Molly encourages every woman to become "the sexiest, funniest, smartest, best-dressed, and most confident woman that you can be." She shares personal anecdotes and entertaining insights about the struggle to get through the murky milestones and identity issues that crop up long after the prom ends. Whether she's discussing sex and beauty, personal style, travel and entertaining, motherhood, or friendship, Molly embodies the spirit of being fabulous at every age, and reminds us all that prettiness is a state of mind: it's "the part of you that knows what you really want, that takes risks."
Lavishly illustrated by Ruben Toledo, Getting the Pretty Back is sure to charm women of all ages with Molly's unforgettably personal, refreshingly outspoken take on life, love, and, of course, finding that perfect red lipstick. . . .
While I did grow up watching Molly Ringwald's films, I chose to give this book a try for the challenge because she's also in my biggest guilty pleasure tv show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I flip-flopped on how I felt about this book. I felt that some of her talk on makeup, clothes and dinner parties was more common sense than anything, but she does share some interesting and good thoughts on the subjects as well. I have to say my favorite part was her discussing the difference between making time with friends and family to actually meet up face to face over just sending text messages and twitter.
    She enjoyes cooking and Paris, both of which I really did not know that about her, so I did get to learn more about the person behind the tv screen and her surviving the entertainment world as a child star into adulthood. Overall a 100% chick lit book.


  1. Thanks for putting this book on my radar. I hadn't heard anything about it and now I'm dying to check it out. I love Molly Ringwald!


  2. Thanks Krista, it looks like a good one!


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