A girls guide to falling in love with a Zombie by Richard Denney

Description from Goodreads.com
Rebecca Willis is a 17 year old survivor of a zombie pandemic who’s still in love with her high school crush Lance Tanner, who just happens to be be a zombie. But when things begin to threaten her ties with Lance she must choose over saving her own life & the lives of her friends or saving her zombie.(With a pop of comedy, horror, romance & suspense! Debut Author Richard Denney takes you to a new zombie-level with the first book in the two part series!) 

My friend and fellow youtuber Richard Denney was nice enough to send me a signed copy of his novella. It's only about 40 pages long and I got a chance last night to finally pick it up to read before bed. It was cute, humorous and entertaining. I of course finished it asking myself "what happens next" but I know the story will continue in book 2 and will have to pick it up soon. 
    As some of you know I have not had much luck with Zombie stories, I have not found one that I really enjoyed, also I usually shy away from any kind of romance. This story of course contained BOTH. I have to say that I am giving it 4 stars because the fact that it was short. The action kept rolling and there was enough drama and things going on that it did not drag or have time to lack in story or pace. 

Here is a link to Richard's Youtube channel, he also does book hauls (In my mailbox) and book reviews of other books he's read. http://www.youtube.com/user/DevvourBookReviews 

He has many more short stories coming out this year and it would be great to have all his stories put into an anthology one day. So check it out!

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