Halloween Fun for Free Books!

Lost in the Bayou by Cornell DeVille

Ashen Winter (Ashfall #2) by Mike Mullin

Book Deal: Last Kiss in Venice!

Blink by Lloyd Poast

The Meowmorphosis by Cook Coleridge, Franz Kafka

The Secrets of the Vanmars (Argetallam Saga) By Elisabeth Wheatley

To be Maria by Deanna Proach

Phoenix by Jennifer Mason-Black

House Trap by Mike Mauthor

Severed by Megg Jensen

Winners of Velveteen by Daniel Marks

Ouroboros (Thomas of Xuelition Book One) by Christopher Turkel

Tiberius Found by Andrew Goodman

The Tide Breaker by Sonya Watson

Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer

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