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The Tide Breaker by Sonya Watson

When it is discovered that Abrianna, an Amalgam, survived
the mass cleansing orchestrated by Destiny, her life becomes less then desirable since her only options are to be controlled or die.

Abrianna is a weapon. She is stuck between the Guardians and the Primes. She is also confused and torn between her feelings for Michael and Graham, and eventually Jonathan as well.

Abrianna has also lost her mother. Michael has always been her shoulder to lean on and supporter. But in the opening pages we meet Graham. Graham becomes an instant divide between Michael and Abrianna. She has such an instant and strong attraction to Graham that there is a soul-mate feeling between the two.

This story will hit you with a lot of information right in the opening of the book. We learn we are on the cusp of a war between the Guardians and the Primes and  Abrianna is the weapon that both sides are seeking to win the war.

Michael's father is also the Sheriff and pretty much wants Abrianna dead. So Michae…