House Trap by Mike Mauthor

Rachel Evans is a sixteen year old overachiever who would take nothing less than to achieve her goal of getting into Dartmouth College. But Rachel’s life would never be the same once she stepped into the house of Alicia Hausefalle, the most popular girl in Wedds High School. Rachel was there to tutor her. She never expected to meet two strangers who were ready to end her life

Whoa this book is intense! I was definitely not expecting people to actually die, so that was an interesting twist.

Alicia's father is the inventor of a house alarm system for defense against break in's or any other danger that might happen. During a sleepover between Rachel and Alicia, some boys show up unexpectedly to visit with Alicia and things begin to go wrong, very fast.

It was a book of cat and mouse. Everytime the mouse would run one way you'd be yelling at your book, "no don't go in there!" The house has more than an automatic locking system "House Trap" but also passageways and hidden floor boards. Alica's young siblings are also home at the time of the events and they must be protected as well.

There were moments that I wanted to guide them and tell them what I think they needed to do to escape the danger. I enjoyed the fact that the author made it so that they did not always narrowly escape different situations. They actually get captured and have to think their way out of things. As they are all stuck in the same house (a rather large house) but still, there are only so many places to go.

It was a pretty fast, short and intense read. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it and I liked that it wasn't full of twists that you could see coming. I never did know exactly what as going to happen

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