The Meowmorphosis by Cook Coleridge, Franz Kafka

“One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had been changed into an adorable kitten.”

Thus begins The Meowmorphosis—a bold, startling, and fuzzy-wuzzy new edition of Franz Kafka’s classic nightmare tale, from the publishers of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Meet Gregor Samsa, a humble young man who works as a fabric salesman to support his parents and sister. His life goes strangely awry when he wakes up late for work and finds that, inexplicably, he is now a man-sized baby kitten. His family freaks out: Yes, their son is OMG so cute, but what good is cute when there are bills piling up? And how can he expect them to serve him meals every day? If Gregor is to survive this bizarre, bewhiskered ordeal, he’ll have to achieve what he never could before—escape from his parents’ house. Complete with haunting illustrations and a provocative biographical exposé of Kafka’s own secret feline life, The Meowmorphosis will take you on a journey deep into the tortured soul of the domestic tabby.

So, you had to read The Metamorphosis while in school..right? Well some of us did. It was overwhelmingly boring in places. Overall weird and strange in nature and honestly I kept thinking the author had to have been on something to come up with such a strange story.

But here, yet again I find myself drawn to this story. Because yes, I cannot say no to anything with a cat on it. When I first saw this cover I laughed aloud. I have been so impressed over the last year especially with anything that Quirk books has been coming out with. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies had me laughing as well and I find myself picking up a lot of these newer, in my mind BETTER versions of the classics.

The story is pretty much the same. Changing only those parts when describing the differences a cat would make in movements and attitude. Although still not one of my favorite classics of all time, I highly recommend picking this one up instead of the original. I would much rather picture a cat wearing a suite than the alternative from the original work (insects are gross, kitties are funny)

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