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#JIAM Audiobook Websites!

June is Audiobook Month!
It's the weekend again and today to celebrate audio book month I want to talk a little bit about the websites that I have used to listen to audiobooks.

When first deciding if I wanted to listen to books on audio. I checked them out from my local library. This is what got me started with my love for audiobooks. But I came to find out very soon that I didn't like listening to the audiobooks at the pace that the narrators usually lend to a book.
Online Library (aka Overdrive) I started downloading books from the library instead and when working with the overdrive program I soon learned that I can speed up the pace of the narrator. This made for a better experience for me because I am also an above average reader as well. I do not read super-fast or try to challenge myself, but I also do not usually read at slow pace.
Overdrive: this program also allows me to download the book to my ipod/phone to take on the go. This is the most beneficial part …