#JIAM2012 June Is Audiobook Month! First Up: Coraline!

As you know I participated in the Armchair Audies in May and have decided that I am going to continue with posts on audiobooks throughout the month of June as well to celebrate Audiobook month.
I have other posts scheduled as well so I will be focusing on Weekend Audio Selections throughout the month. I will be featuring anywhere between 1-3 books Friday-Sunday each weekend throughout the month of June! I encourage all of you to participating and join in on the fun. With the tremendous amount of sales that have been happening over at audible.com I have several new listens and some great favorites that I would love to share with my readers and participates of #JIAM2012 (twitter hashtag)

Some of the books I will be mentioning this month are ones that I either got in for review from a publisher but mostly books that I purchased with my own money (mostly audible.com because I love that site!)

So first off! I got from the library (overdrive.com) Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I have never read the book before but a huge fan of the movie. I have seen it several times and always love to compare movies with the book.
Firstly I have to say I enjoyed the movie more because of the addition of the visuals and of course Wyborn (not sure on the spelling) But he is one of my favorite characters, and for those that may already know he is not in the original book.
As far as the audiobook goes, Neil Gaiman himself narrates and it was an amazingly good listen. He has the perfect reading voice and added life into the characters and just a little bit of song added in as well.
It still has a great creepiness to the story, but still sticks to the heart of Coraline being a very spunky girl who is very adventurous and determined. I recommend this audiobook to Middle Grade and up, it's fun and entertaining.

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