Shaman, Healer, Heretic by M Terry Green

Even for a techno-shaman, a kachina in the bedroom isn't exactly part of the drill. When Olivia Lawson wakes to find one towering over her, she panics. A Hopi god visiting the real world isn't just wrong;it's impossible...Or is it?..Soon Olivia learns that the kachina is the least of her worries. As she struggles to save her clients, clashes with other shamans, and fends off the attacks of real-world vigilantes, Olivia finds herself in the destructive path of a malevolent ancient force intent on leaving the spiritual realm to conquer this one. Left with few options, Olivia is forced to defy centuries of shaman prohibitions. As she and her allies risk everything in their bid for survival, Olivia ultimately learns that the rules are there for a reason and that breaking them has a terrible cost

In today's world, people have evolved. We now use GPS devices to help us guide our way, we use cell phones to tweet, email and watch videos. So why not bring forward technology into the world of Shamanism as well? Perfect idea.
20-something Livvy wears electric goggles that enables her to to visit the spiritual realms. No need for the old time hallucinogens of the Shaman of early days. With her employer SK who is looking out for her and the increasing dangers that she is putting herself in traveling through the otherworlds to help lost souls. She is noticing increasingly unusual things each time she enters the otherworlds. From unusual traffic of souls to the more common sightings of the Kachina.
Together SK and Livvy take on some interesting and dangerous jobs to rescue souls from the otherworlds and trying to bring them home, or rescue them. (for very small fees)
This urban fantasy set in modern day Los Angeles, is a fun, entertaining look at a very old Indian practice, mythology and lore. It is highly enjoyable, adventure and a very unique twist to urban fantasy. I recommend this one, it's a clean read and a page turner as well!

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