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#JIAM2012 June Is Audiobook Month! First Up: Coraline!

As you know I participated in the Armchair Audies in May and have decided that I am going to continue with posts on audiobooks throughout the month of June as well to celebrate Audiobook month.
I have other posts scheduled as well so I will be focusing on Weekend Audio Selections throughout the month. I will be featuring anywhere between 1-3 books Friday-Sunday each weekend throughout the month of June! I encourage all of you to participating and join in on the fun. With the tremendous amount of sales that have been happening over at I have several new listens and some great favorites that I would love to share with my readers and participates of #JIAM2012 (twitter hashtag)

Some of the books I will be mentioning this month are ones that I either got in for review from a publisher but mostly books that I purchased with my own money (mostly because I love that site!)

So first off! I got from the library ( Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I have never rea…