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Eternal Starling Giveaway *closed*

Last night I attended the launch party for the release of Angela Corbett's first book Eternal Starling. It is the first book in the Emblem of Eternity trilogy and in one of the categories that publishers are now calling "New Adult" as Evie is in college she's not in that Teen phase or the Adult just yet.

Evie Starling has just started college in Colorado when she is approached one day by Alex, as they begin to date she feels a strong connection to him and within no time he is telling her they are soulmates. Soon Alex has to leave for awhile under mysterious circumstances and Emil shows up in Evie's life. She also finds there is a very strong bond between them as well. Soon to find out that Emil also tells her that he is her soulmate. She's very confused, and determined to figure out what is going on, especially when Alex interrupts a date with Emil and she finds out that they know each other, and they are keeping secrets from her. They are both willing to f…