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Favorite YA Series

This week I have decided to talk about some of my favorite series. I have not included "series" in which only the first books have been released, but have included series that have more than available for sale right now.
Cate Tiernan
Sweep Series
A few years ago I picked up the first three books when they were still individually sold. It was different for me because I usually do not pick up books that are this small and had so many in a series, I like to read big chunky books that I feel are really worth the money to purchase. But these were different, as I started into the series I could not stop reading. This is the first time I ever experienced what I call Book Crack. I read late into the night, couldn't sleep and ran to the store the next day to purchase more of the books. I soon came to find out that the books were going into re-publication with the newer black covers and I had to go to several different stores to locate all the books in the series. I had no idea whe…