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Author Bio: Jus Accardo is the author of YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy fiction. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald. Her first book,Touch, is due out in November 2011 from Entangled Publishing. She is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. Touch Blurb: "When a strange boy tumbles down a river embankment and lands at her feet,seventeen-year-old adrenaline junkie Deznee Cross snatches the opportunityto piss off her father by bringing the mysterious hottie with ice blueeyes home. Except there's something off with Kale. He wears her shoes in the shower,is overly fascinated with things like DVDs and vases, and acts like she'llturn to dust if he touches her. It's not until Dez's father shows up,wielding a gun and knowing more about Kale than he should, that Dezrealizes there's more to this boy - and her father's "law firm" - than sherealized. Kale has been a prisoner of Denazen Corporation - an organization devotedto collecting "special" kids known as Sixes and using them as weapons -his entire life. And, oh yeah, his touch? It kills. Dez and Kale team upwith a group of rogue Sixes hellbent on taking down Denazen before they'recaught and her father discovers the biggest secret of all. A secret Dezhas spent her life keeping safe. A secret Kale will kill to protect."

You can check out my review of Jus' novel Touch (A Denazen Novel, Book 1)

A book that I gave 5 stars to. Great mystery, romance and action packed novel. Today I had the opportunity through Jus' publisher Entangled Publishing to get a chance to interview her. As she has been touring for awhile I tried to ask her some more uncommon questions, during my research to find some new questions I came across some other really great interviews on other blogs. If you are interested in learning more I encourage you to google her as well and see what you find!

Hello Jus and thank you for taking some time to answer my questions!
Firstly the romance is so good in TOUCH! Kale is so swoon-worthy. Are youteam Kale or Alex? Well maybe I should ask which character was more funfor you to write?
Alex and Kale were both so much fun to write. Kale had so many firsts...And Alex is just such a fun character in general... I'm not sure. I loved them both. As to which team I'm on, that's a really tough call. Kale is sweet and loyal and fierce. Alex has this uber history with Dez and he cares deeply for her. His heart seems to be in the right place, but you know what they say about best intentions... In the end though, I think it's Team Kale.
I was lucky enough to do the cover reveal for this book on my blog and think the cover is HOT, did you get to help design it/pick out the final cover? Does it match your vision of Kale?
The cover Kale was all Liz Pelletier. When I was writing TOUCH, I pictured Kale as a young Ben Barnes. When I saw the cover though... That guy is perfect. He IS Kale.
The story is pretty fast paced with a lot of action and detective-like mystery happening. How were you able to keep up the same tone/pace throughout the novel? Does music help?
Music helps a lot. I can't write without it. I've got detailed play lists for all my characters, as well as most scenes. As for the action, I didn't really think about it. I was like a woman possessed when writing. I sat down in the morning and didn't leave until my husband yanked me away from the computer at night.
Do you think you'll ever right a novella or book from another characters perspective? Which one would you choose first?
Novellas are a big yes. There's one coming out between book 1 and 2 in Kale's POV and there's another scheduled later for another character. I don't think I'll tell you who ;) I'm evil. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts though. Who would you like to see a story about? Who do you think it might be?
Your main character Dez starts out the story with a skateboarding stunt, what is your favorite physical activity? Do you skateboard?
I used to skateboard--though I wasn't very good ;D
And lastly: You do not end the story with a cliffhanger (thank you!) What are your feelings about Cliff Hangers and why did you choose to not have one?
To be honest, I didn't really think about it. I have mixed feeling about cliff hangers. On one hand they're exciting--on the other... I'm the most impatient person in the universe. As for TOUCH, there's a teeny tiny hint at the end, some people are picking up on it, others aren't. It's not a cliff hanger, but it's kind of a teaser for book two.

Title: Touch by Jus AccardoGenre: YA Paranormal RomanceePub ISBN: 978-1-937044-44-2
Print ISBN: 978-1-937044-45-9Release Date: November 1, 2011
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Thank you again Jus for taking the time to answer my questions.
I am so interested in reading the Novella's. You ask a tough question there. I would love to see novella's from Sueshanna, Alex, Kale, and especially Brandt. You have such a great combination of people in this story it would be hard to choose just one!

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