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Author Interview with Catherine Austen

If the games and music on Max's RIG were available in the current day, name a band and an App we might find on his RIG?

Max would have house music and pop songs on his RIG, provided by New Middletown’s communications network, but his friend Xavier would slip him old protest songs and Gogol Bordello.

The games would be militaristic, us vs. them, with racist undertones pretending to be patriotic. Users would be part of a team but never leading it.

Max would check the weather App before looking outside, and if the App and reality told him different things, he’d think the world had some catching up to do.

The main character Max got excited at the fact that he got to fight, he seemed to want to stand up for those that couldn't just so he could show off his new muscles. What kind of mind-set did you have to get into to write those scenes?

I discovered my inner adolescent, pumped him up, and let him loose.

This was completely out of character for me. I often hear my teenage son and…