The Quantum Deception #booktour
What starts out as a calm night in Salt Lake City turns into chaos when a passenger plane crashes into the mountains. When reformed cyber hacker Tanner Stone links the accident to an ingenious Chinese computer virus, it’s up to him to prevent it from destroying the financial data of everyone in America! Thrilling, explosive, and packed with twists, this book changes everything you know about Internet security.
"Tanner Zane is a Mormon with a secret criminal past. Nobody suspects that, before his religious conversion, Tanner hacked into thousands of computer networks across the globe. He accumulated millions of dollars from his illegal activities until a sudden, life-changing event caused him to abandon hacking and give his fortune to charity."-From Summary on The Quantum Breach

The second book in the Tanner Zane series (does not have to be read in order)  begins with a terrorist action of an airplane being shot down at the Salt Lake City airport. Reina is on a mission and shooting down the airplane was just one of the things on her list to do. 
Tanner is happily married and expecting his first child. When is life is put in danger and several events begin to take place he barely survives the attempts to take his life. As his wife spends time in a local hospital under a coma, Tanner is put right in the middle of a hacking attempt on Government and civilian computers across the United States. 
The story is very fast paced, told from different perspectives and told mostly through dialogue.  The setting is all taking place in the Salt Lake County area and gives the reader some details about the area and the agencies needed to help stop the virus. 
Tanner is also a Mormon and the beliefs come out sporadically throughout the story as events begin to take place. Especially in times when Tanner fears for his and his families lives. 
The books are entertaining and full of information and aspects of the computer hackers world. I found the main idea of how the virus was to spread very intuitive and creative.

About The Author:
A Few people understand the terrifying, yet realistic threat of computer hacking like Denver Acey. Denver has spent his entire professional career in the information technology industry where he has witnessed and even thwarted actual cyber-crime. From his top-secret job working for the US government to securing computer networks at Fortune 500 companies, Denver is personally familiar with hackers and their unscrupulous activities.

Because of his unique background, Denver decided to pen a book to dispel hacking myths while highlighting the tenacity of cyber-criminals. Utilizing actual hacking concepts and scenarios he experienced firsthand, Denver illustrates -- in a simple way for even the non-techie to understand -- how vulnerable we all are to cyber-crime


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