Owlet (Society of Feathers #1) by Emma Michaels

Somewhere between falling and flying… there is a girl.

Iris has a secret. She lost her memory eight years ago and never told a living soul. After an asthma attack one night she finds out that her dreams of a strange house on a snowy island may be a memory resurfacing but the more she learns about the past the more she realizes the life she has been living is a lie. As the fa├žade her father has built starts to crumble around her she will have to decide which means more to her; the truth or her life.
Kindle Edition, 206 pages
Published September 17th 2014 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Iris has lived a secluded life, she has a severe case of asthma that requires a full time nurse. She lives with her father and her caretaker Diana. Iris also has amnesia but this particular subject is not really delved into in this particular book of the series.

Iris has very vivid dreams of an island covered in "snow" all white and a place she imagines flying over and lets her feel at home. She does not know if the dreams are a key to her lost memories or just dreams. Until one day her father asks her to explain her dreams to him, and the next thing she knows she is on a plane with Diana to the dream island, it really does exist.

On the island Iris begins to learn about her past, her family and especially her mother. She meets a guy who she finds an immediate connection with and believes that all of this, even the boy has something to do with her past that she cannot remember.

As part of the storytelling the history of the island and her family is told to her very slowly throughout the novel. The time she spends with Falcon gives us clues to what she might be. It is a slowly building plot that does have some exciting unexpected realizations towards the end. But still leaves a lot of questions open for the continuing of he series.

There is not one particular character I liked over another but if I had to choose one it would be Falcon. For the most part he was a comfort for Iris during a really confusing time.

3 Stars.


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