Dark Paradise (Dark Paradise #1) by Angie Sandro


Mala LaCroix has spent her whole life trying to escape her destiny. As the last in a long line of "witch women," she rejects the notion of spirits and hoodoo and instead does her best to blend in. But when she finds a dead body floating in the bayou behind her house, Mala taps into powers she never knew she had. She's haunted by visions of the dead girl, demanding justice and vengeance.


Landry Prince has always had a crush on Mala, but when Mala discovers his sister, murdered and marked in some sort of Satanic ritual, he wonders if all the rumors about the LaCroix family are true. Yet after Mala uses her connection to the spirit world to identify his sister's killer, he starts to form his own bond to her . . . a very physical one. As they move closer to each other and closer to the truth, Mala and Landry must risk everything—their families, their love, and even their lives.

Word count: 96,000
Paperback, 400 pages
Published July 1st 2014 by Forever Yours (first published January 1st 2014) 
Every once in awhile if you are lucky you come across a book that fits you just right. Something you have been searching for and know 
it will be hard to find again. This was one lucky strike for me. I loved every minute, the characters the plot the setting all came together 
Mala struggles with the relationship her family has with the local town. It makes it hard for her to fit in yet she is determined to not 
stand out. When she discovers a dead body, it turns all eyes on her. Especially the deceased's brother, Landry. Landry is drawn to 
Mala, but unsure if she, or her family had anything to do with his sister's death. He keeps an open mind and works with Mala to
find the answers together. 
It has that old southern, bayou setting. A small town in which everybody has grown up together and secrets are hard to keep. I loved
the characters Mala and Landry. The honest way that they could talk to each other, and actually had open communication with one 
another. Sure there are misunderstandings and grief caused by not always knowing what needs to be said, but that tension really
helps with the storyline and timing. 
The main characters are in their early 20's, the content of their attraction to each other and the seriousness of the situations they find 
themselves in really meshed well. I was actually surprised at how far the author takes it when it came to the danger that Landry
and Mala find themselves in, really edge of your seat intensity. 
Mala comes from a family of witches, and has some powers of her own. For this story her ability to interact with ghosts is a 
necessity to help Landry find the killer. But, the other side also puts her in danger, both of their lives are put at risk when dealing
with the other side. 
Now I have been hooked and find this story to be very addicting. I want to recommend it to everybody, but I would especially
recommend it to you.  
About the Author
 Angie Sandro was born at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Within six weeks, she began the first of eleven relocations throughout the United States, Spain, and Guam before the age of eighteen.

Friends were left behind. The only constants in her life were her family and the books she shipped wherever she went. Traveling the world inspired her imagination and allowed her to create her own imaginary friends. Visits to her father's family in Louisiana inspired this story.

Angie now lives in Northern California with her husband, two children, and an overweight Labrador


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