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Elle Klass Bio:

Elle was born into this world in Redwood City, California and spent her childhood growing in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in education. For fun she reads, spends time at the beach, travels, and enjoys time with her favorite friends, and family. She is a night-owl known to be a hermit during rainy days, as she has a love for sun, and is mostly found poolside over the hot, humid summer months.

Book Blurb - Baby Girl Book 3: City By The Bay
Follow Cleo, who has once again changed her identity, this time to Shanna Nu, an orange moppy-headed homely girl, or so she tries to portray, as she travels to San Francisco seeking employment with the La Tige Detective Agency to search for answers. La Tige, a hard, sloppy man, lacking in social graces manages to worm a way right into her heart. Finally entering adulthood, Cleo realizes who she is inside, and through La Tige and a few other friends, she finds that true affection is forcing her to desperately pursue the answers to the mystery surrounding her birth and biological family. She manages to tie up a few loose ends while unraveling a few more.

Excerpt 1
Moving through Paris undetected as Justine proved incredibly difficult. My hair was rolled into a bun and I placed a floppy dark green hat with a short brim over it. I considered wearing heavy makeup, using bold chunks of color, but feared it would bring too much attention. I wanted to blend, not stand out, so I settled for absolutely no makeup. I had managed to arrive at the airport and board the plane without one paparazzi chasing after me and snapping pictures. Getting through security had been another ordeal when I had to show the security agent my ID, he asked for an autograph. I leaned over quietly and asked him to keep it quiet, then I signed my John Hancock, or rather Justine’s, and moved on. On the second flight into the U.S. a fellow passenger of male persuasion said rather loudly, “Hey, you’re Justine Holmes.” Thank my goodies most passengers were sleeping.
I looked him square in the eye and said, “Nope, but thank you for the comparison.” Obviously baffled he scrunched his brows and pinched his lips. I happily ignored him and he went away. The next forty-eight hours I attempted to stay hidden, with a book in front of my face, in areas of the airports that seemed most vacated." rel="nofollow">Elle Klass Blog Tour Giveaway

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  1. Thank you bunches for hosting my blog tour. You did an eye catching job!


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