Cousins and Robbers, Tales of Black Jack Jetty by Michael A Carestio

Book Description

The Great Recession is punishing families across the land: lost jobs, lost dreams, lost hope. Tough times bring out the best, and worst in people. The sleepy South Jersey shore towns are being hit by a crime wave, a band of robbers boldly breaking into homes right in the middle of a summer day. The Cousins of Black Jack Jetty devise a plan to protect home and family. That plan will drag them into the mean streets of the meanest neighborhoods in Atlantic City. That’s where the tale twists and turns like a treacherous rip tide. Lucky will tell you the rest. Cousins & Robbers is the second in the Tales of Black Jack Jetty series. The South Jersey shore is once again the setting, a mindset that the author knows well.

When the kids try to find out who the robbers are, they zoom in on 2 suspects hiding behind a lawn care business. As they try to find clues to tie the suspects to the robberies, they get in trouble themselves and rely on their friend to get them help.
The story includes pictures that take you on a vacation separately from the actual storyline. The adults play a huge role in the story as well. It's a fast and short read that tackles the subject of some dark characters that parents could use as a good discussion topic book as well.
A lot of the narration is done by a Seagull and between the kids finding the the answers getting in trouble themselves we get some thoughts from the seagull and his opinions of the world around him and the kids adventures.
With an interesting twist of a seagull telling the story, Cousins and Robbers is an adventure story for younger/middle grade readers.


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About Michael Carestio:

Michael Carestio is Philadelphia born and bred. He spends his summers with friends and famly ‘down the shore’ in Margate, NJ. A graduate of Bishop Neumann High School and Temple University, he is an advertising copywriter, currently with the renowned Will Eye Hospital. His granddaughter, Riley, is the model for the leader of the crime-fighting cousins.

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