Jack: The Tale of Frost (Claus #2) by Tony Bertauski

Sura is sixteen years old when she meets Mr. Frost. He’s very short and very fat and he likes his room very, very cold. Some might say inhumanly cold. His first name isn’t Jack, she’s told. And that’s all she needed to know.

Mr. Frost’s love for Christmas is over-the-top and slightly psychotic. And why not? He’s made billions of dollars off the holiday he invented. Or so he claims. Rumor is he’s an elven, but that’s silly. Elven aren’t real. And if they were, they wouldn’t live in South Carolina. They wouldn’t hide in a tower and go to the basement to make…things.

Nonetheless, Sura will work for this odd little recluse. Frost Plantation is where she’ll meet the love of her life. It’s where she’ll finally feel like she belongs somewhere. And it’s where she’ll meet someone fatter, balder and stranger than Mr. Frost. It’s where she’ll meet Jack.                                                                                    3 STARS

Jack is the 4th book that I have read by Tony Bertauski and while not my favorite so far, I found it a very creative and full of imaginative twists. 

A novel that I went into thinking it a fantasy story soon turned into a combination of sci-fi as well. In what seems to be set in a  contemporary South Carolina mansion this house is much more behind it's doors. It gives us a deeper look at Jack and the Elven people, the living quarters not exactly something we usually pair with the variation of weather we get in  South Carolina vs the steady cold of the North Pole.

Sura really drives the story with her quiet demeanor, yet her curiosity and determination wins out in the end. She really develops and comes out of her shell throughout the story. There are several other perspectives as the story goes along, I especially appreciated the descriptions of the Elven people and the incredible wonderland that has been created. 

I think that this novel is a good addition to the Claus novels and would encourage you to begin with book 1. It will help set a clearer picture of the Elven people and how Jack's story fits in.  

I really loved his Foreverland books. Here is a link to his goodreads page to check all of them out!


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