Rogue Hunter: Dark Space (Rogue Hunter #2) by Kevis Hendrickson

16+        270 pages
My rating:


Shortly after her trial on New Venus, Zyra Zanr is captured by a team of rival bounty hunters and brought aboard their ship, the Lilith. They intend to take her to the planet Sojo, home of a powerful crime boss who nurses a grievance against her. Zyra fears for her life, knowing death awaits her at the end of the journey. Her captors' seething hatred of her leads to Zyra's horrifying torture.

Drugged, beaten, and near death, Zyra escapes her cell and is pursued. The enemy will stop at nothing to recapture her. Enraged by the abuse she has suffered, Zyra decides to turn the table on the Lilith's crew and show them why she is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Book II of the Rogue Hunter series. Amazon

 This story takes place upon the ship in which Zyra is being held captive. We get the story from several 
different perspectives from the crew of 8 and Zyra  herself. What I have come to love about Kevis' writing 
is the portrayal of the characters. They become real to us, the book turned out to be a super fast read and 
was over before I was ready. 

As we are introduced to the characters we immediately get who they are. It comes about in their actions 
and dialogue. As this story includes several characters and we get to follow each of them to some extent
separately. It feels as if I got to know each one of  their characteristics even though it was such a short time. 

There is a lot of sexual frustration happening upon this ship as well. The closeness of these few members 
and being together for such a long time is obviously weighing on them and their relationships with each
other. When Zyra takes some power of her own, the loss of the characters is really sad to deal 
with and I really wanted to know more about them and their cultures. 

Perhaps the only negative thing about this story is that it wasn't long enough! It takes place in a very 
small place, hiding and fighting and who exactly is in charge of the ship all play major rolls. With a handful 
of characters I do wish that I got to know more about each of them outside of the ship.

My favorite character of all would have to be Zyra herself. She is a super strong female lead role that 
we get to experience both the strong and the vulnerable side of her. The writing is very smooth and can 
easily be imagined on the big screen. So far each book has just been a part of the story and leaves plenty
to the imagination of where the story could go next. 


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