#IDreadalong Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear

Read-A-Long of Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear.
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Chapters 1-5 (Week One)

While this is the first week of the readalong I will try not to give any spoilers in my posts!
1) the Pixymobile.
While I enjoy watching movies in which there are flying cars (Back to the Future, Cloud Atlas, The Fifth Element) to name just a few. I would be completely terrified to actually ride in one. I find that traffic on the ground is dangerous enough I could not even imagine keeping my cool up in the air! I always have this thought that if flying cars are a part of my lifetime I would still drive on the streets, but then I risk getting landed on by a failing car above me. But that's not to say I would not TRY it.

2) Story
So far still trying to get used to the setting. But I really like the idea of her going off to school. Our MC (Magnolia) needs to learn how to be more of a "Lady" but I really hope she keeps her spunk through the whole book.

Pet Peeve: A teenager still calling her mother "mama" -but I imagine I'll get passed that as the book progresses.

Love: How Noli is pretty much on a first name basis with the police officer that pulls her over.

From the Authors Blog Post---Trivia
  • The scene between Noli, V, and the hovercop? I had an actual police officer help me with the scene.
  • The tree in Noli's backyard is based on a real tree, the tree where I got the idea for the book. It does have a trunk curved like a "j" from where it was struck by lightning. However, it's a mulberry, not an oak and has no tree house.
  • V's medallion design is based on the Celtic tree of life
  • The cookies Noli and her mom are eating are based on actual cookies I buy at Trader Joes. I at *a lot* of them while writing this book. Also, Sour Patch Kids.
  • Aether was considered the fifth element by the Greeks and appeared in early physics and alchemical theories
  • My first car was called "The Big Bad Pixymobile." It was a powder blue Buick Estate Wagon, older than I was, and I bought it for $20 (yes, it worked). 


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