Eden at the Edge of Midnight (The Vara Volumes #1) by John Kerry

The Vara of Yima, the original Garden of Eden, sealed from the rest of the world and populated with the fittest of men and women. A secret paradise that 150 years ago became ravaged by smog that choked out the skies.

Now the Vara exists in a permanent state of darkness and its people need a champion, a chosen one to save them from the smog that threatens to fill the realm and poison its inhabitants.

That’s what they needed. They got Sammy Ellis instead. She isn’t important enough for her dad to stick around for, never mind saving a realm or junk like that. Her only responsibility was to help the chosen one open the gateway into the Vara, but not only has she entered the realm in their place, she’s also locked them out in the process.

Stuck in a twilight land of giant mushrooms, pursued by dark forces and still in her pajamas, being unimportant back in the real world is starting to seem way more attractive
Paperback, 348 pages
Published October 19th 2012 by EATEOM Publishing Ltd 
 A story with a pinch of Neverending Story and a dash of Labyrinth, Eden at the Edge of Midnight is a novel full of imaginative lands and creatures with a hero at the heart. 
Although our main character, Sammy Ellis comes off pretty strong in attitude at the beginning of the story she shows a lot of character growth as the story progresses. When Sammy has an unusual encounter with an old woman who's been watching her, she ends up with a bracelet that will be the key to a whole new world. A land has been poisoned and veiled in darkness. An adventure through the lands to not only help the people battle the villain Ramaask, but also to find the answers to get herself back home. 

Dangerous adventures, battles, friendships, enemies and secrets. Sammy's travels through Perseopia will take her through different lands and civilizations fighting for safety. A girl who mistakenly  came to this land, but takes it all in stride, trying to find her way back home and help the people of Perseopia along her way. And maybe with a hint of romance as we go. 

The story was not a full-on page turner, it's deep and has a lot happening in Epic form. But I read it in just a few sittings. It's unique, and entertaining with several different layers to the story to enjoy.

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