Waking Storms by Sarah Porter, Julia Whelan (Narrator)

After parting ways with her troubled mermaid tribe, Luce learns that they desperately need her, that their queen wants her dead, and that Dorian, the boy she broke mermaid law to save, is bent on revenge. So much for tranquility.
Audio CD Published July 1st 2012 by Blackstone Audiobooks  ISBN 1455109150 (ISBN13: 9781455109159) 
 This is the 2nd book in a series, this review will contain some minor spoilers. 

 Luce is told by one of the mermaids that has discovered that she let Dorian live. She is ordered to murder him. Not only to help save the secrets of the mermaids, but for his own sanity. Once a human hears the song of the mermaid, it is a part of them and eventually drives them crazy. 
It's not a huge surprise to find Dorian standing and calling out for Luce late into the night. Demanding that she answer for killing his family and causing him to hear her song constantly. Until one day, she answers back. 
 In this book we see chapters from both Luce's perspective and some from Dorian's as some of the humans have began to look for what is causing the large amounts of ship wrecks in the area. The FBI gets involved and Luce's old tribe is in danger of getting found out. Their new leader is still reckless and not only putting them in more danger, she is killing her own kind. 
 In the second book of the Lost Voices Trilogy Luce and Dorian are both torn by their emotions. With the involvement of the FBI and the oncoming winter this story takes many interesting twists. We get introduced to mermaids from other groups. As well as Luce's interactions with humans, which is strictly forbidden under the mermaid law.
Lost Voices was one of my favorite reads, but with Waking Storms the story takes some twists that caused me some pause and really have to think about this world and things I would have never seen coming. Although Luce is a very compassionate person, she makes several decisions that made me doubt her strength to become a leader to her tribe. Her selfishness at times was so harsh and cruel that it was hard to feel sorry for her. But through her weakness grows power, which leaves me high hopes for the next book The Twice Lost coming out in July 2013. 
The narrator Julia Whelan is one of my favorites. She has narrated several of my favorite audiobooks and does an amazing job. Not only with the characters voices, but she brings out the right emotion to the story with great pacing.


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