The Secret Cellar (The Red Blazer Girls #4) by Michael D. Beil

Mysteries seem to find the Red Blazer Girls: when Sophie finds a secret message in the antique fountain pen she bought for her father, the girls are on a case. Soon, they're at the home of the pen's original owner, a secretive man who kept to himself. His house is full of puzzles, all of which protect a hidden treasure, and the Blazers will do anything to get to the bottom of things. Throw in an ill-tempered bookstore owner with a motive, a missing will, a walking stick that doubles as a key, a school Christmas play, and a rat named Humphrey, and it all adds up to another thrilling adventure for the Red Blazer Girls.
Hardcover, 288 pages Published October 9th 2012 by Knopf Books for Young Readers  The Red Blazer Girls: The Secret Cellar

It's Christmastime in New York and the girls are out shopping. When Sophie comes across a pen being auctioned at an estate sale she jumps at the opportunity to buy it for her father. This pen ends up having a piece of paper hidden inside of it that starts them on a big mystery to discover the clues.

In this edition of the Red Blazer Girls Mysteries, they will not only solve the story behind the clues in the pen. But also help their favorite coffee shop open again and help a woman learn about a grandfather she never knew she had.

The Red Blazer Girls mysteries are perfect for the 21st century reader. Just like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys they are smart, intelligent, witty and very funny. Michael Beil is able to mix in the perfect amounts of the girls daily routines in with the mysteries they solve. You get to know each of them as friends as well as getting to work out the clues along with them.

As the girls decipher the clues that lead them to research great men in history. They are given access to the deceased Mr Deddmann's house and a very grande, extravagant and amazing basement that he designed himself and has clues throughout the room to uncover the true secret.

Sophie, Becca, Leigh Ann, & Margaret not only make friends as they solve their mysteries. They also gain some enemies as well. Especially those that do not want the girls to discover the secrets.

The Red Blazer Girls' series is by far one of my favorite middle grade mysteries. Great for readers of all ages. The clues the girls are given could throw any of us for a loop and it's amazing how smart and courageous they are. Each story will throw you for a loop and keep you on your toes. It's great to play along and try to research the answers before the girls reveal the answers.

I have enjoyed all of the books in this series. Amazingly fun reads 5 stars


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