Ten Rallies by Pasquin

"Teacher doesn't like you reading this, bro. Don't blame me if they knock this book right out of your hand.
Got that straight?
Now, let's begin."

You wake up one morning and find your supposed-to-be easy senior year of high school is going to be demolished by something called CoreAmerica. Camera crews are everywhere. It's taking over your school, and they're calling it an experiment.
And in the middle of it all is this girl, Everett — man— she has it all. Never in a million years did you ever think you might get her. And she's smiling at you now, boy.

Problem is—to keep her—you'll have to give yourself up.

Hell of a senior year.

Seventeen year old Reed wasn't looking to change the world, just graduate high school. He didn't know he would first have to choose between who he loves and what is right

One thing stood out immediately when I started reading. This story has a different writing style than I have ever read. The author puts the reader literally in the main characters shoes. With narrative that explains You decide to go to class, you put your hand under her head. It is directly aimed at us to engage the reader into the story. And I'm not gonna lie, this stood out for me through the whole thing. 

With that off my chest, what I do want to add is that although this was something that I noticed while reading, it didn't deter me from liking and appreciating what the author has put together here. I have read stories that have themes to it. Main characters put through extreme situations to learn a lesson and get you thinking. 

That is what this story will do. It will get you thinking. The school that Reed attends is an experiment, the classes and students put there specifically to see what happens in a closed environment and their situations that have consequences. It's also a very politically based trials, government funded and ran. But it was handled in a very entertaining way that was compelling and worthy of discussions. 

This book would be great for libraries, in classrooms and book clubs. If anything you should pick it up just to learn more about what you would think about the situations they have to go through and what do you think you would do if really in his position?

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