Overnight Sensation by Hal Eisenberg

Fifteen year-old Jonah Levine is practically invisible at Applecrest High. His Facebook page is pathetic, his baseball skills are mediocre at best, and his IQ seems to drop 50 points when talking to girls. But everything changes when his rock band, Hitstreak, becomes the hottest teen sensation in the country. And now they’re about to perform in front of 15,000 screaming fans.

So why isn’t he jumping for joy?

Well, for starters, that hit on the radio wasn’t really recorded by his band. In fact, six months ago, he and his friends could barely play a note between them. And now they’re about to perform in front of 15,000 screaming fans. What begins as a mindless prank quickly spins out of control, involving his father’s secret past as a 70’s rocker, a high school bully who wants in on the action, and a powerful, ruthless, media mogul who will stop at nothing to claim the band as his own. Will Jonah prevail? Or will he and his band go down in flames and become the biggest farce in pop music history?
Paperback, 238 pages  Published July 28th 2012 by Bells and Castanets  ISBN  10:0985492 (ISBN13: 9780985492212)

With the summary and the cover it's hard not to mention that this story does have some predictability to it. You know what's going to happen in the end. It's the events leading up to it that counts. 

There is a lot of time that passes in this story. For the majority of the first half of the book it's dialogue, the going back and forth of "should we" and "what are we doing"  The boys take several actions as most young boys do with not much thought to the act. But then the guilt and turmoil of what the consequences will be when their parents find out.  

When the decisions are made, the plan is in action, the story builds in anticipation. Although our main characters are teen boys. I couldn't help but feel that the story reads more like a memoir. Reminiscing of the best time of their youth and what could have been. Perhaps as a reader I was playing off this idea because technically Jonah's father is vicariously living through him.

Perhaps this story is one of "What if's" and fly by the seat of your pants while you can.  

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