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Covet by Melissa Darnell

Melissa really steps it up in this novel. I would trade this series in for Twilight Saga any day. This book made my top 5 list of 2012. I am not exactly sure where to begin without completely gushing.

Characters: This story is told more from Savannah's perspective than Tristan's even though we do still get to see the alternating perspectives. Savannah is experiencing the most changes in her life throughout the story and so the majority of the book is from her perspective, and it's one that the reader really does want to stick with for awhile.

Story: (Warning...this is book 2 in a series you will get spoiled if you read this paragraph)
Savannah experiences a loss in her family because of her actions with Tristan in the ending of the last novel. This causes turmoil in her life and she ends up moving into a new house. She has broken up with Tristan, and to make everything perfect, her vampire side is starting to take effect. Her every move is still being watched by the vam…