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Hellandback Kids by LL Helland

The Hellandback Kids: Be Careful What You Wish For, has won several awards: The Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, The Mom's Choice Award, and Royal Dragonfly Award. When the four Hellandback kids visit their great-grandmother in a strange Scottish hospital, they unknowingly fall into a series of bizarre adventures in an alternate reality. With only their own ingenuity, the Hellandback kids must rely on help from a mystic guide, unearthly creatures, and talking animals as they encounter the black plague, deformed beings, a life sucking immortal, and a long trek from exile. Throughout their adventures, the Hellandback kids learn valuable life lessons, and of course, to be careful what they wish for.

Summer vacation is coming to an end, and the Hellandback kids are off to Scotland. After finding a very long and curious toenail in Chris' room, his father decides it's time they should go get acquainted with their great grandmother.
Upon arriving they discover that she is living…