The Newfoundland Vampire by Charles O'Keefe

Like every other geek alive, Newfoundland native Joseph O’Reily secretly wants to be a superhero. At thirteen he fantasized about being a vampire, and ten years later he’s still fantasizing – but mostly about a beautiful redheaded woman who has eyes only for him. The one thing different about Joseph’s adult fantasy is that, amazingly, it comes true one night when he goes to a local university pub. Cassandra Snow, literally the woman of his dreams, invites him to her place for an evening of personal pleasure. Of course he’s not going to say no. But when strange things start happening afterward, Joseph quickly learns that not all dreams should come true. Cassandra has plans for him – forever. And those plans don’t include daytime activities. An animal lover and recent vegetarian, Joseph wrestles with all the weird changes he’s experiencing after his encounter with Cassandra. Eternal youth and amazing power come at a price that is perhaps higher than he can afford. The constant hunger for blood and the secrets Cassandra harbors test his resolve and his mental and physical limits. And then there’s the fact that a two-hundred-year-old vampire is after his head – literally. Joseph’s night vision improves dramatically, giving him a glimpse of the darker side of the world and the terrible evil of vampires who walk among humans. As he tries to balance his regular life with the new reality of his vampire existence, he is determined to hold onto his personal convictions and what he values most – his humanity.

Paperback, 224 pages

Published April 17th 2012 by Penumbra Publishing (first published April 12th 2012) 

As the cover obviously shows this is one of the more...seductive/sexual books that I have reviewed  here on this blog. But, this particular story does not go into any really erotic details (in my opinion) so therefore, those that don't mind stories that are a little more on the steamy side, this was a very unique and different read.

I have to say this is the first book that I have ever read that involved an adult male main character that actively participated in role-playing games. It however is not the first one that a vegetarian becomes a vampire. Which does end up playing a role in the story as he have qualms against feeding on humans. And brings some emotion to the change that is happening to him.

This story was more complex than I thought at first going into it. I found the plot very unique and interesting but was a little disappointed that what I thought was going to be the big climax of the story wasn't as big as it had been leading up to. Instead it opens up the story to the possibility of a series with different directions the characters can go next.

One particular thing that also stood out to me was the fact that the outlook on what a vampire is in this story had a bend to it as well. Not everything we have come to learn about vampires happens to our main character and his adventure into changing into one seems like he was putting on an old pair of lucky socks. One of my favorite parts about vampire stories is the turmoil emotionally over the transition, but you won't see very much of that here.

It was a very quick read, entertaining and very different than what I was expecting. I found myself laughing and smiling and rooting for these two to win the battle.  Joseph really is a geek and there are not many of those being represented in books today. And definitely not the normal type of character you would think would end up being a bad-ass sword fighter.

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