Fractured Light (Fractured Light #1) by Rachel McClellan

I’m dying, I thought. This was unexpected and not at all how I envisioned my death. I was supposed to die gardening in a flowerbed as a hundred-year-old woman, not as a seventeen-year-old trapped in a lake beneath inches of ice.

Llona Reese is used to living on the run. After the Vykens killed her parents, she knew they would eventually come for her too. She can’t take any chances. But when she starts to make friends for the first time in her life, she gets careless and lets her guard down. Big mistake.

As an Aura, Llona can manipulate light and harness its energy. But if she wants to survive, Llona will have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use her power as a weapon against the Vyken whose sole desire is to take her light. Now she’s caught in something even bigger than she can understand, with a power she can’t wield, and no one she can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger.

In this breathtaking and romantic adventure, Rachel McClellan delivers a truly mesmerizing story that will keep you guessing to the very end.
Hardcover, 304 pages
Published February 8th 2012 by Sweetwater Books

After losing her parents, Llona is moved from town to town by her  Uncle to try to protect her. But she's sick of running and is trying to settle down into a somewhat normal school, in as normal a setting as possible. But this leads to the guardian Christian being assigned to Llona to protect her from the Vykens.  

Llona is an Aura and in incredible danger of being killed by the dark, evil Vykens. After an awkward start to the story. Christian eventually becomes the strong, protective love interest. And Llona, a stubborn and emotional teenager, eventually grows into a very strong and determined fighter. 

Although romance does play a part in the story, there are several different aspects that made the story more enjoyable for me. The friendships she develops, especially with May is humorous and keeps the reader more engaged with the part of the story that we can identify with- the awkwardness of High School.

With Llona trying to struggle through everything that is happening to her, this story starts off slower, building up in intensity. Llona has a lot of growth to go through and struggles with her emotions and powers. Eventually ending up to be a very strong and determined, smart main character that will suck the reader into the series to see what happens next.

Fun and feisty dialogue, a forbidden love and determination to fight of the Vykens once and for all. Fractured Light may start off a little slow, but soon became a fast paced, light and fun novel.



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