The Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato

"The Sin Collector" follows the life of Liliana, a born Sin Collector. She has spent over 100 years absorbing people's sins so they may rest in peace come death. However when she meets another Collector, one who insists everything she has been taught is a lie, Liliana must make her way from Sunny L.A. all the way to the streets of Madrid. Searching for answers to a question we all share. Why are we here? The friends and enemies she makes along the way only seem to blur the line between right and wrong. Can Liliana fight the Castus, an organization bent on killing off every Sin-Eater? Should she trust her head or her heart when the two most important men in her life are fighting alongside her?
Then there is the worst question of all, who will be left when the dust settle

Not sure is the author purposefully wants to get the reader thinking more about their religious feelings and ideals, but this one did get me thinking. I cannot say that I agree with some of the ideas presented in this particular story, but it was an interesting way to approach some of the questions we all eventually ask ourselves.

The story was more of a mystery than anything. There was little romance and some adventure/traveling. But the quest for answers was really the main focus. She is faced with have to make some hard decisions on who to trust, there are other sin collectors being murdered, and if she cannot figure out what is going on, she may be next.

For a person that has been alive for 100 years, and knows each and every sin of every person that crosses her path, the main character Liliana handles it well, but at this point in her life she’s well adjusted with what most of us would consider a deeply depressing job. Two of her old friends have now come back into her life, she is does not know who she can trust and each of them is telling her different things. But she is a strong lead character and smart. She is pulled out of her solitary life of a librarian and travels half way across the world to discover the answers she needs to save her own life and those of other sin collectors as well from the group that has decided that they must be killed off.

It’s a book in which the main character really struggles with her job, who she is and what her purpose is. What is it that is worth fighting for and who can you trust.

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