Pantheons by E.J. Dabel

On the streets, they call fifteen year old orphan Isaiah Marshall the “Indestructible Diamond”. Isaiah is the leader of the “Redrovers”, a group of teenage misfits consisting of his friends Jeremy, Monty, and Pipsqueak, but when they trespass into “Kaliber Academy” to get even with the arrogant Jason Ollopa, they are in way over their heads.

Principal Webb enrolls them into the High School and Isaiah soon learns about the existence of the gods of the Ancient World. Because the gods have refused to fight the last War for fear of the Mysterious Dark, the Powers-that-Be have stripped them of their spiritual bodies and given them mortal, teenage forms.

Isaiah discovers he's not only a god, but that he's the child of the Greek goddess Metis, the son destined to overthrow his cruel and sadistic father Zeus, the Darkener of the Sky, and become the greatest god in all the Pantheons.

Isaiah is thrown into a world where the democratic Olympians, war-mongering Norse, Gothic Celts, firstborn Egyptians, the enlightened Hindu, the animal-like Aztecs, the martial artist Asians, the intelligent Babylonians, the great spirits of the Native American Indians, and the fierce Finnish will war against one another for the greatest of all prizes: the Dominion.

It's not really like me to describe a book as "book for guys" because I for one love reading books that were written for boys. This one is full of fighting, magic fantastical lands and adventure. The main group of characters is Isaiah and his gang. He is homeless and has a speech impediment so doesn't speak much. They are rough kids that stand up against others and do what they need to survive. One day they are hassled by a rich kid and end up walking into the Kaliber Academy to find the kid. Miraculously they end up getting invited to attend the school and eventually Isaiah is offered a place in the Pantheon Club, in which he learns he is the son of Zeus.
As the story goes on, Isaiah overcomes his impediment and grows stronger. He eventually discovers who killed his mother and decides to avenge her. The gods and goddesses are all introduced to the reader, in a very informative but not overwhelming way. Very entertaining way to learn more about the Greek Gods.
Isaiah is a great main character to follow, he fights fair, fights for acceptance and portrays what it's like to be the better man in many instances. There is also great chemistry between him and his friends and other characters that appear in the story.
The story culminates in an amazing Tournament that takes place on a magical island. And leaves plenty of open possibilities for a continuation to the series.
ending in a tournament

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